About Us

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Bright Shadow

Who we are

Bright Shadow’s mission is to enable people living with dementia, and those affected by it, to live well and to thrive.

Established in 2009, we are experts in creative activities that are fun, meaningful, accessible and challenging. All that we do promotes wellbeing for people living with dementia.

Bright Shadow is passionate about a brighter quality of care, which is invigorating, mood boosting and enhances relationships.

What we do

We are experts in creative activities designed specifically for people with dementia to enable self-expression, social interaction and active participation.

We do this through delivering our trademark Zest Sessions for people living with dementia in care and in community settings. We also provide training to equip those delivering activities with people with dementia, as well as training to empower arts and culture venues to be dementia inclusive.

We are the creators of Bright Boxes activity resource kits. These enable anyone to enjoy doing creative activities with a person with dementia, whether in a group or one to one setting.

We believe in relationship centred care and are passionate about caring for those in caring roles, whether as a professional or family member.

We believe

  • In celebrating the here and now
  • That a person’s present and future matters as much as their past
  • In activities that reduce stigma and restore dignity by being interest-based and appropriately challenging
  • In facilitating everyone to take part in activities to the extent of their capacity
  • In relationship-centred care and caring for carers as much as the person with dementia. Our primary way of doing this is through equipping people with skills, confidence and resources to deliver care that promotes the wellbeing of everyone in the caring relationship
  • In a client-led and person-centred approach
  • In consistent evaluation and research