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What makes the Zest workshop unique?

  • The use of a number of different, short performance based and sensory activities within one workshop. Each activity usually lasts 10-15 minutes, before we move onto a different one.
  • The use of a theme. Each of our workshops has a theme that influences the activities we do, how we present them, the way the room is decorated and sometimes what we wear.
  • Client-led delivery. Our facilitators are expertly trained to ‘go with the flow’ and lead workshops in response to the participants, their needs, suggestions, engagement and preferences.

Do people stay for a full 1.5 hour workshop?

We have an open-door policy so people are free to come and go throughout the workshop. However, we find that due to the use of short activities and the theme, people are more likely to stay for the duration. This has been the case even where the individual may not engage in other activity sessions for that amount of time.

Why do you use a theme?

Bright Shadow uses themes because they bring fun and a sense of occasion to the workshop. A theme gives meaning to individual activities and to the workshop as a whole. By using a theme, what might seem like a meaningless collection of activities becomes purposeful because they are all contributing to the sense of going on a journey somewhere together, which in turn brings a sense of achievement. This approach also helps people to cognitively engage in activities. The theme serves as a ‘scaffold’ for the activities to be built onto.

Are your workshops only for out-going or ‘dramatic’ people?

NO! People are encouraged to participate in ways that suit them and their personality. Some people enjoy listening and simply being in the workshop atmosphere, some people like to try new things and some people may surprise you!

If I go on your training course will I be made to perform?

NO! Just like our workshops, we want training participants to be themselves and utilise their talents and abilities. Our training is about unlocking creativity and giving ideas and concepts that you can use in practical ways that suit you.

I see you are based in kent, do you work elsewhere in the country?

Yes, additional travel costs may be included.

What do relatives say about your work?

They enjoy seeing their loved ones having fun and expressing themselves. We actively encourage relatives to join in, whether in care or community settings!

How do Bright Shadow benefit a care setting?

We create lively environments, engaged clients, happy relatives, energised and inspired staff.

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