Bright Boxes: For Groups

Our Zest approach to dementia care boxed up into activity resources. Each resource is brimming with ideas, materials and step by step guides that help you spark creativity, conversation, relationship and fun!

Bright Boxes

How we can help you

There isn’t always the time, space or energy to keep thinking of new activity ideas for people living with dementia. That’s where we come in! In each Bright Box: For Groups resource we’ve done the hard work for you and put together all the materials you need to deliver themed activity sessions, from workshop plans and step-by-step guides to physical resources. All activities can be adapted to accommodate people with early to late stage Dementia.

Themed Boxes

All our resources are inspired by Bright Shadow’s tried, tested and evaluated Zest workshop model, so you can rest assured that you are in safe hands.

Themes currently include:

  • Dance Hall
  • Desert Island
  • Great Outdoors

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Bright Boxes
Bright Boxes

What others say

"The Bright box provides everything required to run a creative activity for people living with dementia, promoting engagement, fun and self- expression. Multi-sensory activities within a wider theme allow individuals to immerse themselves in a world unique to them but enjoyed by all. The Bright box really allows individuals to shine!"

"Doing creative activities opens the door to more interesting ways to spend time with residents"

The Bright Box options

Each of our themes are available in the following formats:

Activity Booklet

Have all the physical resources?

Buy a themed activity booklet containing the step by step workshop plan, tips and guidance notes and extra resources that you need to run a themed activity session using resources you already have.

Bright Box Starter Kit

Starting from scratch?

  • Basic activity items: Things you need to deliver activities of any theme.
  • Themed activity items: To use for your themed activity session
  • Step by step workshop plan: Run a 1.5 hour activity workshop specific to the theme of your box.
  • Facilitation tips and guidance notes: To help you feel confident to deliver group activities.
  • Extra Resources: such as warm-up and dance routine scripts, story making prompts, quizzes etc.

Bright Box Extension Kit

Brought a Bright Box and loved it?

Then you can buy an Extension Kit to experience a different theme!

Contains all of the same resources as the Starter Kit, just without the Basic Activity Items.

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