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We believe that everyone in the caring relationship should be enabled to live well and thrive-including staff! We understand that your job is demanding and so we want to help.

Our training gives you the skills, knowledge and tools you need to turn your setting into a place that is thriving with creative, sociable and vibrant activity. A place which is not just good for residents, but outstanding for everyone!

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We know you don’t always have the time to generate new activity ideas, do all the planning and find all the resources. Our Bright Box activity resources have done all this for you and we have something for everyone, from group workshop kits to one to one activity booklets.

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Bright Boxes

Zest Sessions

Fancy day tripping to a Desert Island? Or perhaps having a night out at a Dance Hall? We can bring one of our tried and tested Zest workshops for you and the people you care for to enjoy together. You provide the people, we bring the rest!

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