Easter Activities

Dementia easter activities

Whether you are a person of faith or not, Easter is a great time of thinking about new life, hopes for the future and grey wintery days making way for the sunny rays of spring. So let’s capitalise on this colourful, hope-filled festival and use Easter activities to make the days of the people we care for (and ours) even brighter!

Here’s our list of six Easter activities to try out this year:

1. Make Easter Gardens. Get your hands dirty and enjoy working with natural materials to create an Easter scene. Find out how to do this here. If you didn’t want to make this activity specific to the Christian Easter story, you can use the same principles to create mini gardens.

2. Create an Easter tree. A tradition that originates in Germany sees trees decorated with lots of coloured eggs. You can make a small, indoors one by potting some branches in a vase, or decorate a tree in your garden. You can buy or make egg shaped decorations to give your home an injection of vibrant colour.

3. Have a baby animal quiz. Find pictures of baby animals and see if people can guess a. what animal it is and b. what the name of that animal is whilst it’s a baby/child. Eg a baby cow is called a calf.

4. Talk about new life. Do people have fond memories of new additions to their families? Can they think of a time when they experienced a new lease of life? Perhaps they had a career change or moved house? What are peoples’ hopes for the future? These could be written onto egg-shaped pieces of card and hung on your Easter trees.

5. For people of faith celebrate the meaning of Easter by reading the story in the bible together. Discuss how the two Marys must have felt before they went to the tomb and after they met the angels. Ask the people you are with what the resurrection of Jesus means to them. Ask them if they have any favourite Easter hymns and find a way to listen to or sing them together.

6. Most churches have a programme of services and activities around Easter. If you care for someone for whom Easter and faith means a lot, why not seek out a local church event that you can take them along to?

Whatever your beliefs, we hope you enjoy this list of Easter activities and we wish you and the people in your care a very sunny and hope-filled Easter season. Please send any pictures of Easter gardens, trees and capers to us at info@brightshadow.org.uk!

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