Granddad, We Love You

In 2009 Age Concern (now Age UK) introduced National Grandparents’ day to celebrate our wonderful Grandparents! This year it is Sunday 2nd October. What can you do to celebrate our nation’s grandparents. Our elders deserve more than just our respect they deserve to be celebrated. Here are a few fun activity ideas to engage all the generations:


  1. Pamper sessions. Recently my mum and I were painting our nails and I offered to do my Grandma’s too. Turns out it was the first time she’s painted her nails in over 10 years! So why not get out some hand cream, give your grandma a hand massage and file and paint her nails. 10 years is too long to live without some pretty polish on your fingers!
  2. Every man (let’s face it everyone) loves a paper airplane. Have a look at these designs Fold some planes and then race them and see which design can get the furthest or fly the fastest. Why not use some red paper, create a Red Arrows fleet and have a go at some stunts?
  3. Cook or bake a favourite recipe of theirs. If they are able, then prepare it together and enjoy some quality time with one another. If they are unable to make it with you then be sure to make eating it a bit of an occasion. Share your memories of the meal/cake, telling them why it reminds you of them and the times you have shared it together.
  4. Our families have fun playing games together. A favourite is the ‘What Am I” game. Stick a post-it note with an animal, object or person on it to your forehead (or you can use pictures if words are a barrier) then ask yes or no questions about what/who you are. It’s lots of fun and giggles and accessible for the great grandchildren too.
  5. Make something together. Decoupage is a great activity with lots of different elements making it a perfect group activity for young, old and middling. You can pick paper to suit interests or print pictures of the family and you can decorate anything, from letters and special boxes from craft stores to jars, picture frames, and walking sticks… Never done it before? Here’s a guide to how


Enjoy celebrating your grandparents this weekend! Why not take some pictures of what you get up to and send them to us via email, twitter @BrightShadow_uk or Facebook / #NationalGrandparentsDay

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