Gallery: Becky Vincer’s series ‘Assembly’


Inspired by the assembly lines of the biscuit factory in which Whistable Zest member, Audrey worked on in her youth, Visual artist Becky Vincer headed up this Zest series.

A wall hanging, using the same colour palette to match the landscape scenery in the photograph

Becky found Audrey’s story to be a source of inspiration for Assembly as it means both to gather a group of people in one place and to gather a group of people for a common purpose.

Over four weeks, the groups enjoyed chocolate tasting (inspired by Audrey’s recounting the time she fainted from the overpowering smell of chocolate in the factory), biscuit-ey collages, making wall hangings and stamp making.

Biscuit collage whilst reminiscing about favourite biscuits!
Some really playful and quirky collages were produced!
Handmade stamp designs
Handmade stamp designs

“I didn’t want to come today as I didn’t feel too good but I knew if I did come to the group I would feel better afterwards.” – Dover Zest Participant