Desert Island Group Activity Extension Kit


Enjoy some Hula Dancing, go on a boat ride, journey through the jungle, discover the secrets of a shipwreck and have a tropical party at the luau! This Bright Box enables you to deliver a themed multi-sensory, multi-activity session for a group of older people and those with dementia that is guaranteed to be fun, engaging and relationship building.



Already bought a Bright Box Starter Kit?

In the Extension Kit we provide Desert Island themed items and a resource booklet detailing how to use each item, a step-by-step workshop plan, facilitation tips and extra resources such as warm-up scripts, story making prompts, quizzes and more.

The Extension Kit is designed to be used with the set of basic items found in a Bright Box Starter Kit. If you are starting from scratch, you may want to purchase one of these instead.

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Desert Island


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