Dementia and Early Years Zest project

In Summer 2015, Bright Shadow delivered an intergenerational project to explore the benefits of bringing children from an early years setting and people living with dementia together to enjoy Zest Workshops.

We invited people with dementia living in an extra care unit and children from a Leyf nursery in the London borough of Westminster to join our puppet Tetley on his ‘big adventures’. Over the five weeks, we adventured to the Great Outdoors, Wimbledon, The Seaside, Circus and Space!

Funded by the RSA, this pilot project was the beginning of an exploration of how these two groups of people, separated by age, can be joined by a mutual disposition of living in the present moment, willingness to play and great imaginations!

“The kids seem so happy. It made my day. When they are my age they will realise how I feel.”

“I like meeting the adults jumping!”

This project has been evaluated in partnership with Trish Hafford-Letchfield from Middlesex University. The evaluation report can be read here.