Out of the Box creative activities training

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Out of the Box is our foundational creative activities course, designed to equip participants with knowledge, skills and confidence to deliver activities that everyone benefits from.

Suitable for: activities coordinators, care workers, day centre staff, occupational therapists and volunteers

Stage 1

This accessible and hands-on one day training course is designed to give you the knowledge and tools you need to use creativity and think outside of the box when planning and delivering activities that enable people with dementia to thrive and enjoy the present moment.

This course covers:

  • A foundational knowledge of the benefits of creative activities for people with dementia and how this contributes to best-practice models of dementia care.
  • A demonstration of Bright Shadow’s Zest approach and how participants can use this model
  • Bright Shadow’s tried and tested activity techniques and exercises
  • basic facilitation skills
  • how to design and deliver different performance-based, creative activities and multi-activity sessions
  • planning for the future

Stage 2

Building on the foundational learning from the first Out of the Box training course, stage two will take your knowledge and skills even further.

This course covers:

  • In-depth facilitation theory and skills, equipping you with even more skills to engage the people you work with.
  • Adaptation of activities to include clients with more complex needs. This will particularly focus on helping you plan and deliver creative activities for people with dementia who have sensory impairments, restricted mobility, later stage dementia or require one to one facilitation.
  • How to deliver high quality music, movement and storytelling activities, giving you even more ideas and skills to use in your workplace.
  • Working with other professionals to plan and deliver an adapted, sensory activity session, suitable for the clients that you work with.

Out of the Box Stage 1 & 2 has had the following impact:

You can read our full impact report here.

How to take part:

You can take part in an Out of the Box training course at an open training event in various locations across the country, or you can invite us to deliver the training for you and your colleagues as an in-house service.

Please contact us to book or discuss your training needs.