Bright Shadow

Brighter Quality Care

Training that enables the delivery of high quality, creative activities with people with dementia.


Brighter Quality Care

Vital to achieving Brighter Quality Care is staff that are well cared for, inspired, equipped and empowered. We take the same approach to working with staff as we do with people living with dementia: we want people to thrive. Through a combination of sharing knowledge and information and practical hands-on learning of new skills, our training and staff development programmes are designed to discover, encourage and nurture the best in people.

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What others say

"Giving us great ideas, confidence, positive hope that we can bring some sparkle into the lives of those with dementia"

"Really great ideas on how to improve the everyday lives of people with dementia"

"This training blew my mind! This training has shown me a different way of taking a creative approach to everything…"

"This training was a very bright light breaking through the shadow cast by the ‘stigma’ of dementia"

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