Zest Care Homes

Activity workshops that bring life, energy and fun to individuals and environments.


What is Zest Care Homes?

Zest care homes are themed, participatory and sensory activity sessions for people living with dementia that take participants on a creative journey to a different place or space. They use a variety of performance activities such as song, movement, music, story making, puppetry and other sensory stimuli.

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Why use Zest?

Zest Workshops bring life, energy and fun to individuals and environments. Our tried, tested and evaluated approach has been proven to increase self-expression, boost mood, increase active participation and increase social interaction.

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How Zest works

  • We can come to your care setting or day centre and deliver a one-off workshop or a longer-term programme.
  • Our workshops are expertly facilitated in a relationship-centred and client-led way for groups of approximately 15 people with mixed cognitive and physical abilities.
  • Each Zest workshop runs for one and a half hours and includes a break with themed refreshments.

"I was quite fed up with myself but they cheered me up"

"If they’re coming back, we’ll be there. This needs to carry on for the likes of us"

I love the sound of Zest Sessions!

Good news! We would love to run a session with you. If you are from a care setting, simply start the booking process below.

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