Zest Workshop Themes

All of our workshops and programmes are designed and delivered to reflect one theme. Themes that we currently have on offer are...

Seasonal Themes

Our seasonal workshops are all based around the seasons themselves or events that are associated with a particular time of year.

Winter Wonderland

Build snowmen, survive snow-storms and snow ball fights, decorate Christmas trees and of course sing some carols! This Zest workshop invites you to journey with us to a wintery land over 1.5 hours, whilst the 3 session Zest programme takes everything a step further and explores all aspects of the festive season including Christingles, the real nativity story and other cultural traditions. Both are guaranteed to bring festivity to any environment! The programme also gives you Wintery activities to enjoy in-between workshops.

Autumnal Adventure

This workshop celebrates our golden season by building guys, creating DIY firework displays, singing songs around the (indoor) bonfire, stringing up leafy decorations, ‘walks’ in the woods, story-making and more! Perfect for anytime between September and November, and a great alternative to halloween.

Spring or Summer Fair

This workshop features some quintessentially English traditions such as May-poles, cake weighing, Morris dancing, folk music, games and sheltering from the rain, bringing the celebratory atmosphere of a fair to any environment. Perfect for spring and summer as is also a great way to celebrate Easter!


Celebrating one of the biggest sporting events of the year, this workshop gets people’s minds and bodies active with a number of different indoor-friendly bat and ball games, Wimbledon trivia, impromptu singing sessions (inspired by Cliff’s famous efforts) and of course some strawberries and cream.

New Year: Round the World

This workshop transports participants to different parts of the world to recreate their traditions for welcoming in the new year. We will visit China and take part in dragon parades and enjoy the story of the origins of Chinese New Year, before flying off to Scotland to take part in some Burns Night traditions, before ending our celebrations in London, with a firework display?!

Location Themes

Our location workshops are all inspired by a particular place or environment.

Desert Island

We bring you a tropical oasis in your living room with this workshop or programme that starts on a cruise ship and journeys through hula dancing, luau parties, cocktail hour, tropical birds and stories of mysterious shipwrecks. The programme extends the fun by exploring in detail a different area of the in each workshop.

Dancing Through the Decades

Can-can, Charleston, Waltz, Jive plus many other popular dances are explored in this toe-tapping workshop and programme. Whether up on our feet or sat in our chairs, everyone can enjoy moving to the music as well as story-making, forming a percussion band and more. Workshops provide a whistlestop tour around different dance styles, whilst programmes give more time to different eras and dance styles each week.

British Seaside

“Oh we do like to be beside the sea-side!”

This workshop incorporates everyone’s favourite seaside activities including band-stands, punch and judy, sand, dancing on the pier, seagulls, singing, boat trips, photo cut-outs and of course ice cream.


Roll up, Roll up! Come and raise the big-top, warm up with the acrobats, laugh with the clowns, dance with the dancers, sing with the singers, fly through the air with the trapeze artists, tame the animals and be entertained by the ring-master in this playful workshop that celebrates this entertainment institution.

Art Gallery

Do you know your Van Gogh from your Picasso? Your Mona Lisa from the Girl with the Pearl Earring? Whether you prefer impressionism or naturalism, are an art expert or novice, this workshop will have something for you as we use pieces of art as inspiration for sensory activities, conversations, movement exercises, story making and fun!

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